Smoothly leaving

Picture by by Miss Gong & The Flickers

Loving to write at night. Two cigarettes. Said “goodbye” to the visual influence on my web identity, and maybe not only, of my so called mentors. Tough year, re-started writing nearly one year ago. Strange feeling, a bit sadness, a bit madness, happyness and finally calmness.

Everything is fine. They are fine. One of them, a grown- up child, deeply wise and childish and the same time.

The other one a charming, positive personality. Both of them a little bit too egoistic to get in my skin, but caring at the same time in a very strange way.

Sure, no one could be as I am for them. Understanding, loving without borders, being everyting and nothing at the same time. No, they did not teach me how to fly nor to fight but to leave, to save my power for ideas bigger than they were.

So, here I am. Stronger and weaker than before but sure and self- controlled more than they could ever imagine, so did I.

Goodbye my smooth operators, your angelguard is leaving smoothly as an angle and maybe one day you will call the friend.

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