Deep breath meets little paradise….

There are people in the world that are very close to each other from the first moment they met. This friendship has no where, when and why. It just is here…

My friend from Istanbul still uses to call me “deep deep breath” meaning the importance of a honest connection. We met three years ago during a program of the European Youth, called Greek- Turkish- Cooperation for Peace. Both of us where the translators for our groups, Greek and Turks. There was something in the air from the moment we saw each other at the airport. Strong communication. Seems still like a fairy tale, and it actually is one.

It could start like this:
Once upon a time a deep breath found a little paradise….
The paradise saw that the breath was curious about the world, so it let the breath free to fly.
But the breath never forgot and returns sometimes to make the paradise breath deeply.



This I promised you 🙂

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